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Libertarian-SMILE Topics World HomeSchool / E-University FREE!

  • We're developing a free world K-College informal E-University suitable for assisting homeschoolers, lifelong learners and those seeking to get credit by examination or foreign students interested in English.Starting by 2013, we will be adding links and materials here. Many items and links to free e-courses and daily study ideas are at THE LIBERTARIAN SMILE blog by LIO co-editors and fans.
  • It grants no degrees but uses the tools coming on line developed by Libertarian-supporters and groups using Libertarian ideas.The main purpose is a convenience for those seeking self-development and free resources.
  • We are however exploring the concept of legal degrees via a free self-paced international homeschool and "Interdisiplinary Libertarian & Liberal Arts & Philosophy-Religion-Cross-cultural Studies" to master's level and honorary or supplementary D.A. program aproved by the LIO and using the Book Club guide that will grant legally valid degrees for serious learners and activists based on the Great Books, interdisciplinary liberal and libertarian studies including libertarian management. Tests will be at cost by accepted testing agencies with credits accepted by most colleges.These will be meant to assist the independent scholar, household enterprise, community activist or lifelong learner seeking a structure.

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