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The Best Libertarian & libertarian-interest Books to Read, Discuss and Promote to everyone!

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Bring your favorite reading or activist/volunteer event and materials to share in a relaxed atmosphere at coffees, via web or e-group with both an interested local and world community.We encourage local SMILE & libertarian fans but also people of all parties and approaches to share on common ground.

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To facilitate an official local/national Study & Activist share OFFICIAL e-club...


  • E-clubs facilitate 'learning Libertarianism and SMILE concepts right" via regular (monthly, quarterly) coffees or home study, plus motivate and share good work on  basic citizen activism: share event or coalition info, practice speaking, invite speakers, tell people, letters to editor, share links, meet officials, monitor boards, get in non-partisan appoitive boards, attend or share cultural events...
  • We're non-partisan and endorse no candidates or parties: we welcome trans-partisan coalitions on voluntary themes
  • Our aim is at least one e-club per country and later major area....our mother pilot e-group has regular reminders and hosts sharing of Lib-interest and coalition activist events


  • We're the official libertarian book club for LIO and for  LIO Friends but autonomous. We continue the tradition of its past book clubs you see on theweb
  • While any item may be discussed, we use the SMILE interest /basic Libertarian reading plan on our front page  designed by movement and LIO leaders
  • We neither take or donate money, meet in local cofee shops (we recommend Starbucks or similar), keep meetings PG, professional and relaxed. No personal attacks or on public figures permitted: courtesy is key. We assume no liability so be sensible. IF YOU ALREADY HAVE A STUDENT, BOOK, ACTIVISM, SPEAKER, MEET-UP CLUB or other group and would like to associate with us independenty and be publicized--GREAT!...just let us know!We specifically welcome and other Lib study group fans.


  • Let us know you would like to facilitate and motivate. We set up an e-group to serve as organizing area. The clubs are co-mensal private literary and current events societies and facilitators are at pleasure of  international moderator
  • Invite people, go to other's events and ask they come to you. have a speaker a few times a year: a local author, activist, educator, public official, etc...Focus on intake (contact list) and home study ( Encourage people to look around and stay in touch via e-group, but do not pressure to attend meetings)...change or rotate venues when possible. How to Grow: Always be nice and ask people to bring friends. Never try to 'convince' anyone, let the materials and action opportunities naturally do the work. Make sure you periodically let in your community area or city know through free web comments or announcements in local media, community billboards, cross-announce at other groups, or things like Upcoming which work very well.Many libraries, college classes, high school teachers, TV stations, community festivals or events, and radio shows are happy to allow flyers or make a brief public service announcement or short presentation since you're non-partisan.  Do NOT judge the success by how many come to the meeting but a) how many are joining your e-group, and/or b) your growing personal e-list from the contact sign-up. Be sure to re-contact everyone periodically including by phone or direct e-mail for e.g. an awards lunch or special event to keep them interested. Encourage autonomous working groups using your e-club as a common "touchbase." As you develop into a larger community consider leveraging interest by getting involved in our budding sister social community program.
  • Meet 7 PM 3rd Saturday of Month or bi-monthly/later quarterly from January on once you have met much of the local activist/lib-interest community...AGENDA: 1 Hour. Have everyone place materials they want to share on table and have a sign up list for re-contact and to safeguard with us. Round Robin ( each speak briefly in turn)  introductions, share interest, activity and attendee event, coalition or opportunities in local (especiallly non-partisan appointive) public office update (15 minutes); book of month (or books since last meeting)  and recent SMILE blog of LIO co-editors discussion/attendees share other readings (15 minutes); Speaker mini-talk or free discussion (20 minutes); Q & A & Wrap up (10 minutes). keep meetings on the clock and end at 8 PM, but those interested may remain for free-form discussion on local events etc. We encourage you to meet/interact at local or national college, have additional activist lunches or teas before local events and board meetings ...we suggest you post summary of yearly progress by attendees at the e-group (letters sent, meetings or events, issues raised, etc. )


  • Help to: Activate, meet and help cross/self-organize community betterment on trans-partisan basis, energize Hi-IQ, local SMILE/lib-interested community; jointly leverage personal networks
  • Free e-readings, practice citizenship skills, opportunities for activism or public office, discover wider world community and meet peers/practice languages
  • Meet and network with local opinion makers and coalition organizers, community leaders, valuable personal, business or educative etc. contacts--and share YOUR good work with local high-energy peaople


  • E-group, coffees are always there to see what's new, FAQS, etc.
  • Family building activity with reading and study of citizen skills; great for student or homeschool
  • System for self-development but proceed at your own pace: books tie you in with broad SMILE themes driving change plus many useful tips


  • Cross connect (and find attendees or speakers at) the local student/youth, volunteering, collector, freethought, civic, science discussion, media, blogger business issues, unions, professional, fraternal, eco-friendly, alternative, cultural-art and emerging artist, Lib-interested,  and other groups
  • Serve as nucleus of SMILE &  Lib-interested community project
  • Promote interdisciplinary thinking and activism approach, and common ground dialogue (faciliator or group takes no position beyond encouraging voluntary solutions: we are Switzerland).


  • Contact us by e-mail or wall at fan FB
  • Tell friends, get started, remeber anything from 2-40 people is normal...have no expectations beyond having fun!
  • Keep us posted at the fan FB club or e-mail if you have any issues or if you need a break--the e-club continues...

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